Nicole Misko, our new C.E. Director,  is a librarian at the Licia and Mason Beekley Community Library in New Hartford, Connecticut, where she is Department Head of the Children’s Library as well as Director of Programming and Community Outreach.

In addition, she has taught a Master’s program for educators in Thinking and Learning through the Graduate Institute where she herself received a Master’s Degree in Holistic Thinking.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education +30 and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts from Bridgewater State College. Nicole also earned an Associate degree in Women’s Studies from Hartford College for Women/University of Hartford.

Throughout her fifteen-year teaching career in inner cities, she integrated the arts into her classroom. As an educator, librarian, and business partner she believes in celebrating the individual learning journey and strives to foster the uniqueness of each person’s special gifts. Nicole has worked in newspapers and magazines managing fine and performing arts, creating partnerships and connecting communities throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. She has a quiet passion for writing, bringing a sense of love and creativity to all of her projects.

The purposes of Christian Education at North Congregational Church are:

  • to increase knowledge and fellowship with God for all who attend
  • implement grade-based Christian Education standards so the children will begin to understand the basic tenets of our faith and to
  • work with the teachers to supplement and enrich the curriculum to make Church School more enjoyable for our children

Nursery Care is provided each week by parents or youth volunteers for children ages 0-3. The Christian education department at North Congregational Church is here to welcome all children into our family. With our new C.E. Director and a great group of experienced teachers and parents, children are exposed to the Word of God in a fun and nurturing environment.

Sunday School is provided for children Pre K-6th Grade and begins at 10:15 am. after the Children’s Chat.

A mission project is chosen annually for the children to participate in.  Children from preschool through high school work on this throughout the year.

Some important events for Christian Education are:

  • Rally Day (Beginning of Sunday School year, Sunday after Labor Day)
  • Bible Sunday
  • Advent Workshop and
  • Tree Decorating, Christmas Pageant, Fat Tuesday Celebration, Easter Sunday presentation, Children’s Sunday and Church Picnic

Whether it’s through creative expression, thoughtful communication or hands on activities, the Christian Education department works hard to make a difference in each child’s life.

No matter who you are or where you are in life’s journey, you’re welcome here.

Come and see for yourself!