Trustees Annual Report

November 2022

This has been a difficult year again as the pandemic refuses to disappear. In-person services have resumed but attendance has been low. The Fellowship Hall heating system has needed significant maintenance and repair.

List of Trustees for 2022/2023:

The list of Trustees has not changed since last year:

David Hoffman, Mark Perillo, David McCunn (chair), Frank Owens


  • Two Fellowship Hall oil tanks have been replaced for $5200.
  • Both oil burners have had their yearly service for $930.
  • Two leaking toilets have been repaired for $46.
  • The parsonage and church water and sewage bills have been separated since the parsonage was sold. The church no longer has a sewage charge.
  • The annual plowing contract was reviewed. Prices haven’t changed in years. The total cost was $3265 for last season.
  • See Treasurer Report for details of the $13,894 yearly utility costs. Most of this was for oil.
  • The church basement Bilco door has been repaired.
  • Cleanup weekend has not been scheduled this year.
  • The basement has been used for storing tag sale items as well as rented space for the Farmington Valley Band music ($575 income).
  • Two dehumidifiers have been installed in the basement.
  • Many thanks to Frank who volunteered to mow the lawn all summer.
  • Plans to paint all four bathrooms in Fellowship Hall have been put in place. Work not expected to start until November. Cost estimate to not exceed $1000. Thanks to Rebecca for her support.

Respectfully submitted,

David McCunn

Trustee Chair/Treasurer