This page is dedicated to activities of the North Congregational Church Trustees.Trustees

Trustees Annual Report
November 2019

Another year has come and gone and we have seen some significant changes. We are down to four trustees since Steve Noell moved and Tom Goddu has stepped down. The buildings and grounds have needed continuous maintenance and repair. Several improvements have been made.

List of Trustees for 2019/2020:

David Hoffman
Mark Perillo
David McCunn (chair)
Frank Owens

Major accomplishments:

  • The church website ( has been continually updated.
  • The XEROX office printer was replaced with a Brothers B&W laser office quality printer with two paper trays.
  • The basement has been set up for tag sale items as well as rented space for the Farmington Valley Band music storage.
  • The sanctuary and parish hall oil burners have been serviced.
  • The annual plowing contract has been reviewed & approved.
  • The trustees have taken turns mowing the lawn this past summer.
  • The trustees cooked hotdogs and set up (and put away) tables, chairs and tents at the annual Peach Fest fund raiser.
  • The Fellowship Hall door has been stripped and painted.
  • Fall cleanup weekend completed with help from Scout Troop 19.



Fellowship Hall Door

Trustees & Scouts at Fall Cleanup

Seasonal Trustee tasks:

  • Remove debris in the spring.
  • Mow lawn in the summer.
  • Rake leaves in the fall.
  • Shovel & sand entryways in the winter.

Additional examples:

  • Buy Christmas tree and setup holiday decorations.
  • Set up chairs and tables in Fellowship Hall for various events.
  • Wash dishes and other support at community meals.
  • Attend Council meetings.

Respectfully submitted,

David McCunn
Trustee Chair