2019 Deacon of the Month

Month             Deacon
January          Frank
February        Fran
March             Cele
April               Frank
May                 Fran
June                Cele
July                 Frank
August            Fran
September     Cele
October          Frank
November      Fran
December      All

During the season of Lent, we are incorporating ” a Time of Lenten Intention” into Sunday services.  During this time, we prayerfully consider those qualities we wish to “fast” from (complaining, anxiety, gossip, discontent, etc.) and those we wish to “feast” on (appreciation, hope, purposeful silence, gratitude, etc.).  Each week we make an offering of our intention, and carry that intention with us when we leave worship.

The NCC Prayer Chain  The NCC Prayer Chain is made up of a group of dedicated NCC members and friends who have committed to regularly pray for people and situations – such as those in need of healing, comfort, guidance, etc. – as these requests arise.  If you would like to request prayers for a particular person or situation, please contact one of our deacons.  (Please note that we recommend that you first check with the person involved and obtain their consent before submitting a prayer request for that person).