Water Wednesdays 

Water Wednesdays – Ready, Set, Go!

Did you know that over 800 children under the age of five die every day from diarrhea linked to unsafe water and poor sanitation?  This is both preventable and treatable!  Our chosen charity, Pure Water for the World has provided over 20,000 water filters to homes, schools, orphanages and health clinics.  That’s not just a drop in the bucket!

Our first Water Wednesday is coming up on March 1, so get your Water Wednesday Kit and get ready to Pray, Practice Compassion and Give!  Each Wednesday in Lent, participants will forego other beverages (like coffee, tea, juice, milk, soda, etc.) and donate what they would normally spend on those beverages to our chosen charity.  Each kit contains a reminder water bottle, a guide to Water Wednesdays with sample prayer and compassion practice, and a donation envelope.  When you sign up, we’ll place a blue water drop with your name on the Deacons’ bulletin board.  Let’s fill that board with drops ‘til it overflows!      

Water Wednesday Kits will be available at church or you can contact Fran and she will get one to you.

The Deacons